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Oxford, poplin and flannel are just three of the tissues for shirts proposed by the 7camicie collection.

Born in the small English town of Oxford, this tissue is characterized by a basket weave armour with a coloured warp and a white weft: the perfect tissue for a cotton shirt suitable for a casual outfit.

The Napoli  cotton shirt of the 7camicie collection is a garment that, to the exceptional quality of the cotton tissue, combines a refined style for a glamorous clothing with a thousand facets. It can be combined with chinos trousers or jeans, this shirt gives a touch of audacity to the man who is looking for an attractive look.

Fresh and soft, poplin was originally in wool an aimed only to papal clothing, from which the name seems to derive. Today, the cotton shirt in poplin is one of the most appreciated in the world, also thanks to the particular armour that makes the tissue resistant, thin and light.

For an important event that requires a classic but refined outfit, the cotton shirts for men Romeo by 7camicie are certainly the most indicated choice. The Italian collar with a single button and a wide collar stand can be easily combined  with an elegant tie with a voluminous bow. Ideal for a formal look, they represent the right garment for the modern and impeccable man.

Flannel, made of wool or cotton, is instead a soft and warm tissue. Usually in a solid colour or with a Scottish pattern, it is suitable for the winter period and for a casual look that never goes unnoticed. The proposals of cotton shirts of the 7camicie collection are characterized by their sobriety and refinement and offer to everybody the possibility to wear a garment that has not rivals. Inside or outside the trousers, unbuttoned or worn over a t-shirt, the flannel shirt is one of the symbol garments of the casual menswear, for the man attentive to the style and to the details.

Each one of the different tissues for shirts satisfies a need and a different style, however cotton is, more than others, a tissue with many qualities that has always accompanied the history and the evolution of the women and men clothing. 

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