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Today 7camicie gives lessons of style for those who love to know the details of the garments they wear: today, we will review the main types of sleeves and cuffs from the 7camicie collection, highlighting the best proper uses.

For the more casual or elegant dress codes, the shirt with a regular and straight type of sleeve is the ideal choice to allow freedom of movement and, consequently, maximum wearing comfort.

In any case, it is important to remember that the shirt should be worn by leaving the cuff outside the jacket, doesn’t matter whether elegant or loose, of about 1 cm, since the sleeves are almost always equipped with a sleeve placket, that is the cut following the opening of the cuff that, if differently worn, would give the feeling of an excessively long sleeve and of decidedly less accurate look.

Among the shirts from the 7camicie collection which boast a regular sleeve, for elegant or casual looks, we suggest Roma Violet, Dante  Blue and White and Colosseo Grey, three garments that cannot be missing in the wardrobe of a man who doesn’t want to go unnoticed.

In general, we distinguish two types of cuffs:

-          The simple cuffs, closed by one or more buttons, generally high 6 or 7 cm and sometimes matched to the rest of the shirt with contrasting colors. The fastening, that is the final part of the cuff, is generally straight, smoothed or rounded, depending on the style of the shirt, and can be combined with a wide range of garments, preferably for a casual outfit.
 Roma Blue and Roma White are two garments with contrasting cuffs and double button, an explosion of elegance and quality.

-          The cuffs with cufflinks, instead, are larger, about 10 or 12 cm, with double buttonhole for the use of cufflinks and for a decidedly more formal look. The Classic collection of 7camicie will leave you speechless for quality and elegance.

Choose to choose! Choose from thousands of combinations signed 7camicie.

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