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Red shirt, rare shirt”: this is a statement from an ancient poem belonging to the Risorgimento period, dedicated to the unifying work of Garibaldi and the Thousand.

Mindful of the history of Italy, of the passion and of the strong character that has always distinguished Italian people, 7camicie dedicates its most determined line to some of the most important cities of this country, and to the people who have been holding high its honor in the world until nowadays: Roma Red, Firenze Red, Marco Polo Red and White, Donatello Red and Leonardo Bordeaux and Blue.

Characterized by a refined workmanship, these models are easy to match and always trendy.

The 7camicie sports line highlights Roma Red. It is a model with button-down collar and 2 buttons, slim cut, in pure cotton poplin and a sail. The inside of the cuffs, in blue and white stripes, livens up a model that is genuine just like the people of the Eternal City are!

Firenze Red, on the contrary, remains faithful to the tradition: French collar with 1 button, fixed poplin in pure cotton, long sleeves, slim cut and plain color for the whole garment. A real must-have in the daily wardrobe!

For those who need a distinctive touch also when they choose a strong color, Marco Polo Red and White is the right choice. Narrow stripes model, pure firm satin cotton, double button-down collar with 2 buttons and cuffs in tartan with a contrasting color.

Not even Donatello Red goes unnoticed! Fashion style, red tissue with black contrasts emphasized, double collar (one is red, and the other one has white and red stripes) and 2 sails.

Leonardo Bordeaux and Blue, instead, is inspired by the dandy man, a lover of refinement and details. The man who carefully chooses his accessories to avoid being caught unprepared by the critical eye of his most attentive observers. Coming from the sports line, this shirt has a fancy pattern with red and blue polka dots and it spreads charm and self-confidence. For the man who knows how to astonish without the need for special effects. Long sleeves, button-down collars and slim cut.

Red passion, Red for 7camicie!

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