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The bow tie takes its origins from the Thirty Years' War, during which the Croatian mercenaries used  special shirts without buttons. To join the sails of the collar and therefore guarantee that the shirt would remain closed, the legionnaires used to take a piece of knottedcloth. Later, the tradition launched by Croats (hence the name "cravate", in French) became a real fashion in the courts of the bourgeoisie in France. The simple piece of cloth quickly became a symbol of elegance and refinement in the whole European continent.

The passage of time enriched  even more this accessory, which became the "bow tie" embellished with precious stones and fine gold trim, to wear for prestigious occasions and events throughout the seventeenth century.

During the last years of the nineteenth century , with the arrival of the smoking, we assisted to a radical change in the use: from luxury accessory, it becomes an integral part of the evening dresses, worn by all social classes and not only by the high bourgeoisie .

The twentieth century  sees the final consecration of the papillon: from Charlie Chaplin to Frank Sinatra, the entertainment world  is totally convinced by the beauty of an accessory that provides great elegance.

7camicielaunches its collection of bow ties, which offers style, quality and intense colours. In the shades of grey, black, red, claret and blue, the 7camicie bow tie is a guarantee of elegance.

The twenty-first century brings into force the bow tie. With different patterns and colours, today the bow tie is a must in the wardrobe of all the men and women, that makes elegance their  lifestyle.


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