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Are you ready to discover where is the new 7camicie store located?

Let's go to the heart of Europe, and in particular to the Ruhr area. A new German city welcomes 7camicie and it's Bochum, one of the most important metropolis in North Rhine-Westphalia.

The history and the development of this region is strictly related to the spread of mining and steel industry, in fact, one of the symbols of this city is the DBM, the German Mining Museum, one of the most important mining museums in the world . Anyway, today Bochum is famous also for its universities, in particular the Ruhr-Universität that boasts more than 30,000 enrolled students. A place that combines past and future,  industries and culture.

In this context we find a high-quality company like 7camicie, well-known for the fact that it mixes tradition with innovation. The new store opens in RUHR PARK, Am Einkaufszentrum 1, 44791 and will become an important shopping place. In this kind of store, the local people will get excited for the surprising range of colours and models of shirts and  they can get inspired for their Christmas presents. Christmas is just round the corner and our stores offer a rich variety of products to satisfy the needs of the demanding European customers: we know how to please you and tackle your fancy!

The heart of Europe is pulsing with a new style, the 7camicie one, that can shows its international fashion trends but at the same time the classic Italian quality, guarantee of successful style!

We are waiting for you in Bochum!

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