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The Korean shirt is characterized by its main feature which is the typical Korean collar that, among the shirts collars, is the one that has a clear oriental inspiration. Introduced by the Qing dynasty and spread by Mao Tse Tung to promote Chinese nationalism, it was later adopted by the fashion all over the world. Starting directly from the edge of the neckline, the Korean collar stands up vertically to a height of 2-5 cm and is totally free of tips and folds, slightly overlapping at the centre in the point in which the fastening of the shirt is.

A perfect garment for an informal but always refined look, essential for all the occasions of use, original and not too tied to current trends.

Perfect for the summer, the Korean shirt for men is made of lightweight and breathable tissues, like the cotton, in solid pastel colours, but also in special printed tissues, with drawings, tone on tone or contrasting patterns, to be chosen according to the needs of look and context. Due to its special shape, the Korean shirt excludes the use of the tie and is perfect for the man who wants to add a pleasant note of creativity to his own style, in combination with a pair of jeans or chinos sporty trousers.

What are you waiting for? Don’t miss the opportunity to give a touch of style and originality to your summer: visit the category dedicated to the Korean shirt and let’s surprise those around you with a chic casual look, with an ethnic and perfectly refined atmosphere.

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