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dresscode formal shirts


Dresscode, or dress code: everybody, rarely or often, consciously or not, has to deal with it!  

Our society is based on rules and behaviors, which in the case of clothing are often unwritten, but not for this less important!  

Imagine you have to show up at an elegant dinner or at your first job appointment.  

Clothing is often a key factor. For this reason, it is always recommended to wear the suitable garments for every occasion.

In some circumstances, then, the dresscode is explicitly regulated: it happens for the participation to special occasions, such as weddings, ceremonies or important events.

Also in this case, 7camicie does not leave you alone and suggests you the most appropriate shirt for the different circumstances you can have.

For the man who wants to combine elegance and comfort, in any formal occasion of daily life, one of the best choices is the shirt Firenze White and Blue, a short in cotton and long sleeves, with a slim wearability and French collar. An absolute guarantee of style and elegance.

Suppose you are dealing with an important job interview: the most important priority will be to show up in a serious and accurate way, with the right attitude but also with an appropriate clothing for that occasion.

For this important moment, the shirt Roma White from the 7camicie collection is all that you need! A garment in pure white cotton and long sleeves, button down collar with 2 little buttons and sportswear line. Slim wearability for be perfectly combined with dark colored jackets and ties. Elegance at its best.

And for the woman? For a job interview, 7camicie suggests to its women the shirt Silvia White, sportswear style but with a touch of elegance, slim wearability, long sleeves, and a guarantee for a perfect look.


Never fear: for every occasion, the right shirt is 7camicie!

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