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care of the shirt


The shirt represents a symbol of style and elegance for men and women.
To wear it and store it to the best, however, it requires a series of care and attention during the several stages of the laundry.
Today 7camicie offers some useful tips for keeping the shirt always in excellent conditions with just a few simple steps.
First, 7camicie recommends to immerse the shirt in lukewarm water immediately after having used it, in order to limit the penetration of stains and dirt into the fibers of the fabric.
At this stage it is also opportune to pretreat the most exposed parts, such as cuffs and collar, with soap or dishwashing liquid.

Subsequently, the shirt can be inserted into the washing machine, at preferably not too high temperatures, at around 30-40 degrees, even in the case of completely white shirts, avoiding the centrifuge. The use of neutral detergents is recommended. This type of washing, in fact, allows to keep intact the qualities of the fabric.

Once it has been washed,  dry the shirt on a hanger to protect its shape.

At this point, we move to the ironing of the garment. For obtaining satisfying results, it is better to proceed with the ironing when the shirt is still damp. The ironing of the shirt must start from the collar and the cuffs, which must be flattened to prevent the formation of annoying wrinkles. Then the following step is to proceed with the sleeves and the front part, trying to better follow the folds and tailoring ribbons of the garment. Then put the shirt in the wardrobe, possibly hanging it.

If, instead, the shirt has to be packaged to insert it in drawers or suitcases, proceed with the following steps:

  1.        Button all the buttons of the shirt;
  2.        Put it on a flat surface with the front part facing down;
  3.        Fold one of the two halves until about half width of the shoulder;
  4.        Fold the sleeve on the length of the shirt;
  5.        Repeat the same steps for the other half of the shirt;
  6.        Fold the bottom part until the elbow of the sleeves;
  7.        Fold the shirt in a way that the bottom arrives to the base of the collar;
  8.        Turn the shirt and put it in the drawer or suitcase.   


And here you are, in a few easy steps, your garments 7camicie will keep the original quality for a long time!

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