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How many of you had to participate to an important business dinner? If it has not happened yet, sooner or later there will be an opportunity, and you must be ready!  

During business dinner we often discuss about important business, new strategies, markets to develop, customers to retain and projects to be started. In these circumstances, clothing can play a strategic role.

7camicie offers its own expertise in the field of style and fashion and proposes to you the most suitable models for a dinner work: among these the shirts for men Firenze and Leonardo stand out, two classics that must be present in the wardrobe, and that made the history of the shirt.

The first of the two models has a French collar with one button, in a perfect classic style for those who want to match it with a tie.

Among the Firenze models it is possible to distinguish per color and designs the shirts Firenze Ivory, Sky Blue in plain color and the shirts Ink and White with a fantasy design, White and Light Grey with a median line.  

The model Leonardo, with button-down collar and a more casual and juvenile style, suits very well with the current trend of wearing shirts without a tie but, at the same time, without renouncing to elegance.  

Among the shirts of this model, the shirt Leonardo Blue and Brown is an indispensable garment for our business dinners.  

For women, 7camicie recommends the model Linda, a garment with an Italian collar with two buttons.

Among the variants, the shirt Linda Champagne, in pure cotton with a plain color design, Linda Blue and Red Bordeaux in an Oxford fabric and fantasy design, Linda Blue and White and Linda Black and White, both in cotton with a printed design.

Your business dinner can only succeed! Word of 7camicie!

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