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Red stands out, red attracts. The red colour, ultimately, is the best we have to communicate visually. Passion, personality, independence, liveliness.

This week 7camicie wants to take you into the magical world of red, a versatile and proud colour, never banal; our collections offer tonalities that are suitable for different skin types and personalities, as well as cuts and patterns for every situation and time of day.

One thing is certain: when women or men dress in red they do not go unnoticed. A well-worn red garment can create an elegant and extroverted look. Red is the colour of love, of fire, of the rising dawn and of the most romantic sunset.

7camicie knows it, that’s why it bathed with the most beautiful shades of red its shirts, for him and for her.

Men, especially in summer and in combination with a nice pair of jeans, can’t be afraid to wear a so versatile and sexy colour. 7camicie is ready to wear the most extravagant mood, for example with a fashion cut shirt, long sleeves with three buttons, slim fit, as the model Colosseo: a pure stretch poplin cotton, in a vivid red colour and a unique design, perfect for a night summer, even without a jacket. For a day as a tourist, maybe, or a picnic in the open air, 7camicie proposes the shirt Roma,  with slim fit and a medium checked pattern in red, black and white. With long sleeves and a collar with two buttons, with the inner collar in a contrasting white.

Instead, the woman in red is sensual, brave, attractive and explosive, without renouncing to a touch of elegance. If you want to be always impeccable and elegant, without sacrificing comfort, maybe for a business appointment, choose 7camicie and this beautiful Shirt Lucrezia in a wonderful claret red; classic style, Korean collar and loose bow, slim fit and long sleeves, all in a Georgette fabric! 7camicie also thinks about the sporty woman and about more casual occasions: for you the Shirt Giulietta, in a red colour, long sleeve, slim fit and a red stretch cotton, in a solid colour with patches, inner parts and buttoning in blue with flowers. Long sleeve and short sail collar.

7camicie turns red, for a vigorous look.

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