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If it’s true that a shirt for every occasion exists, it’s also true that choosing a shirt model it’s not enough to make a good impression. In order to show off a perfect look, it’s also very important picking out the right fabric. 7camicie desires beginning a route for discovering every sort of fabric from the Oxford textile which, on the contrary to what we might think for its name, is characterized by a casual and informal style.

Raw but soft yarn, the Anglo-Saxon origin fabric is realized with a colored-and-white-yarns weave and offers a wide range of color combinations. Shirts with button-down collar, perfect for downtime or for the office, for mid-seasons or for winter.

What is Oxford for 7camicie?

Roma dark green, Leonardo pink, Leonardo turquoise and Leonardo brown.

Roma dark green: fashion style, long-sleeve, plain green with double-button cuffs and blue flap, short buttoning. An ancient but not outdated model.

Leonardo pink: sport style, long-sleeve, plain pink, cuffs with flower-patterned flap and long buttoning. This shirt could be worn either with black pants or with a denim, without losing its native refinement.

Leonardo turquoise: long sleeve, plain turquoise, tartan cuff and collar flaps, it is characterized for a thinner fabric, with a endless sporty and elegant style.

Leonardo brown: sportwear, row fabric texture, long buttoning and buttons coordinated in color with the lining of the cuffs, blue polka dotted, in order to soften the apparent seriousness of the shirt.

With Oxford, English class reinvents itself in 7camicie casual fabrics!

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