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7camicie, a famous Italian clothing brand, has spread over the years throughout Italy and today has more than  300 stores worldwide.

Since the outset of the company, which opens its doors to all the customers in the city of Rome, where its headquarters is, has had a great following by its most loyal customers, at the point that it decided, with the passage of time, to  open more and more new stores throughout the national territory.

Very soon, what appeared to be a popular brand known only in the Italian territory, has increased the number and origin of its customers, winning millions of fans even in the biggest European countries.

That's how David Hassan, the great entrepreneur and charismatic leader of the company, created a miraculous and innovative affiliation formula, that now seems to be indispensable for the major representatives of the franchising market at an international level.

Hence the birth, fast and progressive, of a surprising number of 7camicie stores throughout Europe and, a little later, in Russia and in faraway China.

Today, we announce the conquest of a new Country, a place in the spotlight of the markets for the high concentration of businesses that are headquartered in it: the United Arab Emirates.

Dubai is preparing to receive one of the most cosmopolitan companies in the world, rewarding millions of national customers that the company, during the long years of its activity, has conquered. In collaboration with Reflex Group, 7camicie can open up to the Emirates market on site, offering the quality and the characteristics of its products to all those who, sooner or later, will have the desire to become part of one of the largest community in the world: 7camicie customers.

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