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The Satin is a very sophisticated and eleganttype of fabric, resulting from the silk family, from which it takes the material of choice: in fact, it is worked with a textile reinforcement, whose points of tying warp or weave are reduced to the minimum so as to be almost invisible. The main satin reinforcements are those in which the ratio is 4 or 5.

The Satin has a shiny and smooth aspect, very soft, especially if realized with high quality silk. If mixed with other fibers, such as cotton, it must undergo a further working process to preserve its shininess.
The history of this tissue is closely related to the historical path of the silk, coming from China and considered a very precious fabric, used for the clothing of the richest classes, and for the implementation of home accessories of high quality. In the Middle Ages the fabric acquires a great importance in the design of the interior furnishing. Only later, around 1800, satin, with specific processes of production, becomes the precious Satin, commonly used to realize garments of high quality.
For these reasons, 7camicie has inserted the Satin in the “team of production” of its garments, with the awareness and the will to offer its clients shirts of impeccable quality.
Among the most outstanding products, packed in pure Satin, 7camicie suggests to the man who cannot renounce to quality and originality the shirt Roma Red, in a solid red color, with precious contrasting blue details strategically placed on the inner part of the collar and of the cuffs. Thisstrong features garment boasts a modern button-down collar with two buttons, for a look that is always fashionable.A more classic style for the shirt in Satin Firenze Sky Blue, with French collar: a more traditional look for those men who considerquality as a lifestyle.
In order to provide its customers with combinations that are always trendy, 7camicie also offers a wide selection of ties in pure silk. Today, we propose two models: Navona Brown and Navona Blue and White. The first one, in a solid  brown, boasts its narrow part, a pure silk fabric and a great versatility. The secondone, with a striped pattern in the tones of white and blue is characterized by its narrow shape and by a touch of originality that will leave you stunned.
For all those women who like to have a trendy look, 7camicie proposes two garments in pure Satin, Silvia Cyclamen and Giulietta Black. Silvia Cyclamen is characterized by a solid color on the bright tones of purple cyclamen, with contrasting details and a cashmere dark gray fantasy in the inner part of the collar and of the cuffs. Modern style with its button-down collar with two buttons. Giulietta Black is the garment for  those who love surprising: in a solid black, the shirt in pure Satin with Italian collar boasts lace details in a contrasting white, for a delicious garment that never goes unnoticed.
Don’t be unprepared: choose the quality of 7camicie!
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