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The hot season is at its highest levels, and for many people it's time to prepare the bags for going on holiday in August, although with these temperatures the temptation is to stuff them with just fresh swimsuits and cotton t-shirts!

But then how to resist to the temptation to go with a glamorous and fashionable outfit to the fascinating evenings outdoors typical of the lively summer, and to take advantage of the occasion to show off the conquered tan with garments that enhance your appearance?

It is known, there are few garments in the world that allow to dress with unprecedented class and elegance as the shirt does, a timeless garment, perfect to match with jeans for a casual look, or with trousers for a more elegant outift.

As you already know 7camicie loves to spoil its customers, and doesn’t get tired of doing it either under the beach umbrella. It offers you, in fact, the beautiful short sleeved shirts, made of fresh cotton, to put in the suitcase and to wear in your special evenings by the pool, by the sea, at a club or at your friends’ house.

Leonardo Turquoise White: the shirt Leonardo Turquoise White is the shirt that the man who loves to surprise, even on holiday, can’t renounce to. Made of fresh cotton and with short sleeves, it is the ideal garment for those who want to be fashionable even away from home. The fresh summer shades of white and turquoise, with blue borders and a pattern in contrast on the collar, the buttoning and the pocket, make this garment a guarantee that ensures every man an original and refined elegance. 

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